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Bring Back Your Favorite Pizza Shop!
As many of you know, Pizza Works had been struggling since the recession hit. Currently, we have a large debt and had been funding Pizza Works with our personal finances. Well, those finances ran out. We never did find a buyer for the business do to many factors.

We had to close our doors at the end of February, 2011. If you want to see us back, help us retire our debt and raise new capital and maybe we can return.

We enjoyed providing you with the old standbys as well as the healthy pizzas we are known for. For many of you, this is the source you know you can trust for Vegan and Wheat/Gluten-Free Pizzas.

If you want to help return are several options that might help. The first would be a partner or Angel Investor who has the financial resources to provide funding for day to day operations and advertising to help expand our customer base. The second is cash contributions. We are willing to accept anything you wish to send.

(Pizza Works is located in a Seattle suburb on Finn Hill between Kenmore and Kirkland)
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