Name: My name is Paul Gerrish, I have a middle name and it starts with J but I rather not say it.  But for some reason I never call myself Paul J. Gerrish.  I always feel if I included the "J" in my full name I would have to have some sort of roman numeral at the end of it, like "Paul J Gerrish VI" or something along those lines.  But my name is Paul Gerrish.

Age: I am 21 years old.  Yeah, I got older somehow...

Height: 6 feet 2 inches the last time I checked.

Favorite Food: Many different kinds of food.  There are a lot of good ones out there.

Favorite Color(s): Black, Red, Blue, and Green.

Background: I was born in Bothell Washington and grew up on the Eastside all my life.  I went to Thoreau Elementary where I had many teachers, like Mr. Ellsworth, who encouraged me to pursue my love for art.  Then in the summer before I went to 7th grade at Finn Hill Junior High, I went to the Seattle Center Art Academy where I met one of my biggest influences for making comics, Pat Moriarty.  He was teaching a class about making comics with another underground artist, Shary Flenniken who is also an influence.  After that I was yearning for a chance to make and publish comics of my own.  Throughout my career at Juanita High School, I drew and drew different characters and making hundreds of comics in classes on lined sheets of paper.  One character that survived this melee of sketching was Momo, originally created for a Third Year Spanish Class presentation.  Momo remaind fresh in my mind throughout the years and so did some of his friends, like Dingle Bug, Tuffs, and Skelly.  Now I draw them for the monthly installments of Momo and Friends and having a blast at it.

Favorite Comic Book Artists: Roman Dirge, Evan Dorkin, Shary Flenniken, Pat Moriarty, and Jhonen Vasquez!