Name: Momo Jumps
Age: 13
Height: 2 feet
Favorite Food: Meatball Pizza
Likes: Pizza, Soccer, Checkers, Hanging out, Video Games,
Dislikes: Cheaters, Pizza Stealers, being told he’s short

Name: Brawny McRoger
Age: 13
Height: 3 feet
Favorite Foods: MEAT!
Likes: Video Games, Sports, Food
Dislikes: Dead Batteries, Burnt Food

Name: Skelly Grey
Age: 13
Height: 2 feet
Favorite Food: Vegetarian Stuff
Likes; Rainy Days, Flying, Her Mask
Dislikes: Large Groups, Closed Spaces, Meat, Having her Picture taken

Name: Tracey Greenland
Age: 14
Height: 3 Feet
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Likes: Science Fiction, The Mall, Shopping, Hanging out
Dislikes: Party Crashers, Sucks ups, Thick headed people

Name: Tuffs Spencer
Age: 15
Height: 4 feet
Favorite Foods: Grinders
Like: Punk Rock, Frisbee, Crossword Puzzles
Dislikes: Asking For Help, Waiting, Getting Things Wrong

Name: Dingle Bug
Age: 15
Favorite Food: Pizza that he doesn’t have to pay for
Likes: Tricking Others, Stealing Things, Making Trouble
Dislikes: Getting Caught

© 2005 Pizza Works, Inc. Story, Color, and Drawings by Paul Gerrish